All our products have been developed in-house. Our finger are constantly reading the pulse of our customer's expectations from our products and comparing this with our actual product performance in the field . This tells us when need to improve and innovate. Continuous product testing , on field/at testing labs ensures that we meet the committed product performance efficiencies. Our entire range of liquid stainers has been pressure drop checked at external test labs for flow rates up to 3000m3/hr. Our own Flow testing facility is being set up the Chakan plant. We have successfully developed. manufactured and commissioned Quick Opening Closures (QOC's) for liquid /gas filters of sizes up to 32” CL. 900/58” CL. 300/64”CL150. Our zeal for providing quick solutions for difficult problems has resulted in the development of automatic air vents for high pressure applications (up to 200 bar). We are one of the few in the world who have successfully built air vent valves for these pressures. All vessel internals like Axial & Tangential Multi Cyclones, Vane Demister Packs & Schoepentoeters are designed & manufactured in-house. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) & Modeling is used for design optimisation for different applications.

UT thickness checking
UT On Forgings
32" fabricated strainer on pressure drop testing at CWPRS
Paint coating DFT check